Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Footwear compliment

A busy day today.

I had my big TV mounted on the wall in my lounge. Major feat of engineering getting it done properly! Superb now though, because I can get rid of the TV unit which ate into the space. Also had my Bose Panaray 502As mounted on the wall with it. My 10" subwoofer (which I got for £95 instead of £486 - surely a pricing error!) compliments the system.

I did have a very ugly JVC hi-fi with incredible bass response (went down to 20Hz!) but as with a number of JVC hi-fis, after a while they just 'crash' all the time and don't respond to the remote until you 'reboot' it by unplugging from the mains. This one started having intermittent problems with the aux in connection too.

The young and trendy delivery driver who delivered my Sony amp complimented me on my cool multi-coloured 'demon' Vans slip-ons. I don't get the trial by jury I used to where I worked, so it was nice to hear I'm trendy.


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