Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My muslim neighbour didn't notice me returning from a walk with my dog and shouted out of the window "Jesus, give me some air!". I shouted back to them, "Have you converted!?"

Unicef doorstopped us today. "A massive vaccination campaign". I think we should really focus on ourselves and this county at the moment, instead of giving so much away. Charity begins at home. I thought this doorstopping was illegal anyway. AND I don't remember the last time Africa did a fund raiser for our people in need.

The joiner I mentioned two posts ago has not returned to complete his job. He is Bob Deano from Deano's.

The plumber finished my bathroom. Yesterday I noticed a number of damp bricks in the wall on the porch below my bathroom, so something's leaking. He'll return tomorrow under his 'all work guaranteed' clause, presumably to rip out the entire shower......


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