Monday, April 27, 2009

When 7 deliveries arrive in one morning

Poor Tom Daley getting bullied. I bet if that American swimming gold medalist Phelps was at school he'd be the school mascot.
Britons just don't seem to like anyone who is successful. Maybe everyone is jealous? A jealous nation? Meh. That's why I'm a recluse.

Constructed a cross trainer today. Will it be used or become a clothes horse? Time will tell! (There's already talk of buying an ice cream machine, so perhaps more mind-set changing needs to occur first!). I had a go on it and now I can't walk.

I now have a 24" widescreen monitor in both my upstairs and downstairs office - posh eh? No more squinting for me! I bought my mum a 23" one - they're certainly worth getting just to see everything a bit bigger. They're all Samsungs - my only niggle is that upon reducing the brightness they all start buzzing which is quite noticable.

Today was hilarious. We had 7 deliveries from 7 different courier companies. By the afternoon the hall was full so we were getting them to leave stuff on the porch. I also have a thermal gel colour printer now from Ricoh. Massive and heavy, but only £53. I discovered today that my office is now full and I have nowhere to put it! I need to re-arrange things on my desk. What a boring end to a blog post!


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