Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dave Gorman, commercial voice-over on Homebase TV ads

I'm glad Homebase has seen the error of their ways and ditched Dave Gorman (a comedian who few people have heard of, let alone recognise his lispy-forgettable voice) from their TV adverts.

Surely paying him as a 'recognisable voice' did not pay off. He's not immediately associated with showbiz, glamour or DIY. Best have a generic voice-artist I would have said. And cheaper.

He gets some great reviews on Chortle, including, "Smug, bland, self-satisfied wanker". Other reviews are less kind, calling him "a monumental bore".


  • I noticed that after my post, he was replaced by a sound-a-like who no-doubt charged a whole lot less. I'd do 'em for nothing if only to put Gorman out of a job.

    But I have bad news - it's Christmas 2009 and Gorman the bore man is voicing Homebase's Christmas ad.

    I can only hope that he recorded this at the same time as the original ads and that he doesn't come back.

    By Blogger MrSoup, at 2:02 AM  

  • Some great posts from no less than the great arse hole's blog itself:

    I was wondering if it was Dave Gorman doing the homebase as. If it is, is that not a bit hypocritcal considering America Unchained where he railed against the big chains crippling the little stores. There's a hardware shop near us that went out of business after a B&Q and Homebase moved into the area.

    Then someone said:

    I agre with the above and came here to voice similar 'disquiet'. As Bill Hicks would say - do adverts and you are struck off the artistic register automatically. Do adverts for a large chain when you were engaged in a project that emphasised the positive aspects of independent stores, and you are struck off the integrity register as well

    By Anonymous Colin Penis, at 3:05 AM  

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