Friday, August 14, 2009

Shoe Review

My new shoes are now naturally selecting themselves.
Further to my last post, I have returned one pair and am considering returning another.

The multi-coloured Converse All Stars, pictured in the previous post, look great. Super cloth colours - you could just wear normal socks with them and they'd look so colourful. However, there doesn't appear to be enough structure on the heel to keep the shoe attached to your foot, ie the heel support is too low to actually 'grab' on to your foot, so they feel like they are perpetually falling off. So unfortunately they have been returned.

The blue suede Vans slip-ons with the cool retro box look great, but I am currently assessing whether they are actually too loose. Which is odd. I have 4 pairs of size 11UK Vans slip-ons. They all fit perfectly. When you first get them, they are a bit stiff, but you wear them for about a week and they soften up and expand a bit like all new shoes do, and then are super-comfy. They have a cloth upper and are made in China. However, the suede ones are made in Vietnam. They feel a little bit tighter, which is natural because the suede is a thicker material. But they move on the heel too, as if they're not clinging on as much as they should be - it feels loose, even with thicker socks. Is this down to a difference in manufacturing procedure in Vietnam as opposed to China?


  • Further to this and upon further investigation, I have a pair of canvas Vans slip ons made in Vietnam and they are OK. I can now only assume that the poor fit compared to my canvas Vans is due to the difference in the material - the ones that didn't fit were a suede leather rather than canvas.

    By Blogger MrSoup, at 2:00 AM  

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