Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday with HitchCOCK

I'm gradually working through all the Alfred Hitchcock films we got for Christmas. I think my fave so far is Rear Window. The worst is The Trouble with Harry which I watched last night, and we both fell asleep. It was a black comedy and different to his usual film style, so maybe that was why.

There was some good TV on this afternoon for a change! I watched a well made documentary about the staff of a US Air Force aircraft carrier. It was on Nat Geo HD, a new HD channel we now receive. At the end I wondered, why I felt it was so good. NO NARRATOR. The staff themselves led the story.

Then we started watching the Pirates of Penzance - an outrageous(?!) stage version filmed in Australia. The first few scenes were laugh-out loud funny - more the actors than the songs though.

We curtailed this to tidy up for tomorrow's installation. Hopefully, unless swine flu has struck their staff, we're having automated gates and intercom installed tomorrow. Not cheap things I have discovered, with every add-on (light sensors so they don't close on your car, keyfobs, etc.) being 3 figures!


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