Monday, August 10, 2009

Vans, Converse, Golas - shoes!

I'm going through a shoe buying phase at the moment. Upon reflection, I do now have a lot of shoes. Almost all trainers and 'leisure shoes' as I don't have to dress formally these days. Unless I'm in court - haha, just kidding.

I got some corkers recently.

I now have a total of 5 pairs of Vans slip-ons (above). Why? Very comfy, and because the tops are cloth, they let your feet be cool. Probably not too great for winter or wet weather though, so I got a pair made from suede (below). Office had a pair on offer for just £10, but they're normally about £35. Lots of colours and patterns to choose from. Very 'in' at the moment.

Very retro 1980s box, I thought.

I also have one pair of white Converse All Stars lo-tops (or whatever) from amazon. Everyone goes on about them, and you see them everywhere - the most popular shoe at the moment? Anyway, they're ok. They squeak at the heel after you've worn them for a few hours. I'm testing wearing them more loosely to see if that helps. And different thickness socks. A few people I know have them and they squeak too.

I splashed out on a new pair from Schuh which have a multi-coloured rim so it looks like they're made from about 10 different colours of canvas. I'm toying with the idea of getting some orangey/yellow hi tops, but I think I've spent more money than I actually have on shoes this month.

I also got some very cool limited edition Gola eBoy hi-tops. Look them up - they are well w00t!


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