Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD Box Set

I'd been umming and ahhing about whether to buy this for the last two weeks for £39.99 from the HMV website (where you get all the exclusive extras in the box). It was out of stock - stock due in 7 days.

I clicked refresh today to see if it's in stock, and YES it is! BUT it's now £49.99! Argh!

Silly me always waiting too long and thinking things through too much.

It has happened 3 times this week. I saw a nice pair of stripey Paul Smith socks on, bookmarked them, thought about buying them (£14 - which works out at £7 per sock), decided to buy them, and they were no longer on the website (or any others I could find). The other time was a nice chair from Boss Design - again mentioned several years ago on this blog. I want another one. I asked if they were still made back in April. They said yes. I bottled out. I asked this week. They said they may be able to cobble one together from spare parts...I am waiting for them to get back to me, but it doesn't sound too good!


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