Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gola eBoy Hi-tops

I'm one of these people who won't take my shoes off unless I'm in bed. If I walk around the house in socks, my feet get really cold quite quickly. So I just leave my shoes on. The benefit is that I am impervious to pain when standing on sharp things or spillages in the kitchen, and can immediately run outside to the gate for a parcel or whatever. Aren't I a clever sausage?!

Now that it's very cold outside (snowing in fact!), I don't wear my Vans classic slip-ons outside. They make my feet cold because they are thin canvas, and if they get wet, so do my socks.

So I've been wearing my Gola eBoy hi-tops. After a couple of weeks of wear, this is what they're like now:
They look great, and the only sign of wear (aside from the white soles going dirty) is at the crease of the toe as you walk - some of the graphic imprint is flaking off. It's not visible until you get really close though.


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