Thursday, January 07, 2010

Joel Ross

Joel Ross used to be on Viking FM in the late 1990s before his move to Key 103 then Radio 1. When I printed (yes, I know) this page from the then brand new Viking FM website, I never knew he would become nationally known as one half of JK and Joel. This 3rd generation (photo of a print out) shows his curtain dyed blonde hair style he had then. One curtain seems to have been so heavy that he had difficulty keeping his head straight. Or maybe that's just his coy look.

To be fair,I remember listening to him on a train going through Yorkshire, and he was good. Even I had curtains back then. I just can't find any photos of them to put on here. Thanks for being there Joel!

Stay tuned - I have some great recordings of Joel from Yorkshire Coast Radio in what must have been about 1993 or 4 which I will upload to this very post when I have edited them!


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