Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Beginning of the End of this Blog?

I know it's not that important to you and that you probably don't care, but because of the way Google are stopping support of the way I publish this blog (FTP), I will no longer be able to update it.

I started it on the 18th of October 2004, and I will not be able to update it from March 2010, so about 5 and a half years.

It's followed me through some interesting times in my life - I have certainly changed in many ways since I started it. My parents divorced, I moved house twice, I changed jobs twice, I started a new weekend job, I resigned from the job, my business took off, I lost a great friend, I made new friends (at work, only one from the blog - a nice American lady whose name I've forgotten), and got a dog.

If I decide to continue with a blog, I'll post a link to it as the final update on this blog.

I really don't think I have any followers as such - no visitors who bookmark the site to check up on what I'm posting or anything.

The visitor statistics tell of strange transient searchers who find my photos of trainers interesting (hence the number of recent updates),
the Toys R Us jingle MP3,
the video I did off my TV of the house collapsing in Emmerdale,
why David Letterman wears white socks,
Harry Hill on You've Been Framed,
the photos I took when I went to Liverpool on the Beatles tour,
my list of all the things I ever bought from Tandy,
why Bill Buckley left LBC get the idea - random stuff.

Anyway, I'll find out how to use another blog thing and let you know. By the way, if you do read this blog, please post a comment - even if it is anonymous. I know you click on the adverts because I get a certain amount of money from those every month, but no-one ever seems to leave comments. I suppose I feel a bit like I'm on a phone-in radio station and no-one's calling in.


  • I read your blog, I know what you mean when no one comments. I have my own blog at and it sometimes feels like that

    By Blogger eddieh, at 5:27 PM  

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