Saturday, March 13, 2010

Windows 7 PC

Originally written in January:
I've been a buyer of Fujitsu Siemens PCs for the last 10 years (4 in total). I've also had an HP which was good too. Unfortunately, the most recent FS one I bought, which was fairly high spec at the time, is lagging, slow, hangs for ages and has never, I have felt, been as good as I expected from a new PC.

So it's about time I bought a new one - I got a high spec Acer Aspire M3802. Favourable reviews on eBuyer, and QUIET they say (has to be for me as I record in the same room). 4Gb RAM, etc. It's nice, but Windows 7 feels like going back to square one with learning computing. I've gone from XP to 7 without touching Vista. 7 won't let me install my audio editing software Cool Edit 2000, and has no Outlook Express - my favourite email program for the hundreds of messages I send and receive every day.

So a bit disappointed, as I usually am with new purchases. Do I expect too much?

One thing that is FANTASTIC is the search box in every window. So quick to find files now. Outlook 2007 is pretty good too (mainly for the search facility again), but I still miss OE.


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